Employment Contracts

Not sure what sort of employment contract suits your situation best? Are you aware of how employment contracts can help to protect your business from the actions of employees? Need a contract or agreement for a contractor, associate, or freelancer instead of an employee?


Apart from being a legal requirement, by clearly clarifying someone’s terms and conditions of employment in writing the right employment contract can effectively save a lot of time and hassle and avoid confusion, misunderstandings and disputes about staff entitlements and expectations; in this way it can also help to protect the organization against any legal claims, including Employment Tribunals. In the latter, if there is no written contract in place at the time, then one can be legally deemed to be in place in any case after a period of  time on the basis of the working arrangements that have existed in practice, which might be to the employer’s detriment.

Employement contracts should be part of a package that includes policies, rules or Handbooks that can be used to cover a variety of permanent or temporary employment situations to employ people on the basis of, for example

Contractors and freelancers

Even though these people are not employees and therefore do not have employment rights, their work and behaviour can have a significant impact on your organization, so it is essential that your expectations are written into an Agreement in order to protect your business and ensure that you get what you pay for.


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