Performance Measurement & Management

Need help to set up the process? Not sure how to link business performance with staff performance and improvement? Do managers need some training and/or coaching in how to provide constructive feedback?

First some questions; how do YOU define “performance” in your organization? Do you set performance objectives? How do you know how well the business is doing and where it might improve? In what ways do you measure business and individual performance?

For many managers this topic is interpreted as the annual staff ‘appraisal process,’ which is frequently a process in which people see little value. However, the process of performance management embraces a much wider field to include corporate values; KPIs; a balanced scorecard; the integration of business and individual goals etc.

For example, if ‘customer service’ is your top priority, do you have a way of measuring it? Do you recruit staff with a service mentality? Do your staff understand exactly what service standards are expected from them? Do you provide them with training and meaningful feedback so that they can improve? How do you recognise or reward staff for delivering your standards to customers?

We can help you design a bespoke process (including a meaningful appraisal process) that fits your culture and style, and which drives your business through your people.


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