Resourcing, Recruitment & Selection

Looking for help to set up or manage the recruitment process? Concerned about the risk of discrimination? Or prefer some training and/or coaching in the techniques?

Business owners and managers are busy people but they can spend more time on planning a family holiday than on choosing the most appropriate contract of employment that meets their needs  or on selecting the best person for the job or a one-off project. Clients often tell us that this is because it feels like a bit of a gamble as you never really know if you’ve got the right person until they’ve been working with you for a while. With our help you can save time and money by significantly increasing your chances of making the right choice, while at the same time reducing the risk of any discriminatory practice by  improving compliance. We help you at each step to

  • identify and spec the most suitable type of contract (eg part time, fixed term, flexible or zero hours, or interim or contractor),
  • scope the role and the type of person you really need;
  • source and short list candidates, including dealing with Recruitment Agencies if you choose that option;
  • interview and select someone who will get the job done, who will fit into your working style, culture or ‘brand’, who will complement the team, and who will grow with you if that’s what you’re looking for;
  • check references and their legal right to work the UK;
  • make and negotiate the offer;
  • develop a process for induction or ‘on-boarding’
  • evaluate the process and learn for next time.

We work with small and corporate businesses in Cardiff, Newport and across South Wales and North Wales.

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Selecting the right people is a critical component of any successful organization because your choice can make or break your business reputation. This is particularly important if your business relies on your staff delivering excellent customer service. It's just as important if you are a start up or an established business, with 2 employees or 2000.