Customer Service & Process Improvement

Are you looking to improve the delivery of your service standards? Are they unclear? Need to review your strategy? Getting too many complaints? Are your staff delivering?

Over the past 100 years we have seen a dramatic increase in customer power. Customers have more choice than ever before, and are demanding more from services. The quality of the overall customer experience is now as important, in many sectors, as the quality and/or price of the product or service. Customer-facing employees (either face to face or via media) are increasingly required to take personal responsibility for establishing and maintaining the reputation of the whole organisation. High standards of service can create that competitive edge, so are your people equipped to deliver?

Whether your customers are paying clients, users of a product or service, colleagues or stakeholders, the same principles of customer care will apply. Organisations need to understand their customers, align strategies to meet and exceed their needs, and empower and develop employees to provide a service aligned with the values of the strategy.

We can assist you to recruit the right staff, identify training needs, clarify your service standards, review your service delivery processes, and measure customer satisfaction in order to improve performance.

Why not do this through Investors in People and gain accreditation into the bargain?

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