Talent Management

Have you got suitable and sufficient cover for the key roles within your business when they become vacant eg through maternity leave, resignation, or retirement? Need help to structure a process that links succession planning with career development, talent management and external recruitment?

For smaller organizations the issue may be one of ensuring sufficient multi-skilling so that members of the team can cover absences of key technical or management staff, whether short or long term. Winning a new contract may also raise questions about the current level of competence and capacity needed to deliver it. Proprietors of family businesses do not always have someone to pass the business onto following a retirement and so may have to think of their options well in advance.

Large organizations with a networked management structure need to prepare to maintain its effectiveness and continuity especially when key managers or technical specialists are poached or are transferred leaving a potentially large team of people without some direction; or when it is important to retain staff by nurturing people’s talent as a mutual resource.

Whatever type of organization you are, we can assist you to be prepared with options to manage the risk of not being able to meet new challenges, or deal with disruptions to business continuity due to future key jobs becoming vacant… sometimes without any notice.

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Are you satisfied that you are getting the best from your people now, and that they are eqipped to continue to deliver into the future? Talent management is not just restricted to a top tier of people; it involves getting the best from everyone's strengths and potential to some degree. It links to other areas in this website, such as training and development; resourcing and recruitment; performance managementInvestors in People