Workforce Training & Development

Need to train your staff but don’t where to start? Don’t have the time to search for the right training at the right price? Difficult to release staff from work? Need a training plan in place?

Every organization that wants to succeed needs to ensure that its people are technically, personally, and managerially competent to do their jobs, are able to work with others in teams, and can contribute to your organization’s performance and development.  In today’s world nothing stays the same for long, so while your people need to be competent today, they also need to be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s competency requirements. The quality of the skills and talents of your people can become a competitive edge and there are many options available to meet the need, including courses and qualifications; on the job coaching; delegation from managers; in-house ‘masterclasses’ ; internal meetings and case reviews; etc etc.

We can help you to develop and implement a structured process where;

  1. Your priority training needs are identified that align with your business strategy and plan, and updated to meet business requirements going forward, particularly as part of a Talent Management strategy
  2. Training needs are met by sourcing and selecting appropriate training provision from recognised suppliers and develop a training plan to include external course
  3. Training plans are developed and costed for individuals, teams, and for the whole organization
  4. Training grants and discounts, as well as  relevant employment and training initiatives are utilised where they exist
  5. The effectiveness of the training undertaken and its impact on your business is evaluated for the purpose of continuous improvement

You may also complement this service by working with Bob as your IIP Specialist on gaining Investors in People accreditation.

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If your business is located in Wales, please ask us about your eligibility for any Welsh Government or European Union funded training or develolpment.