Consulting skills for HR people

Being a successful HR team these days means being able to demonstrate added value to your organization; but it means more than just showing that you have sufficient HR specialist expertise. At one end of the scale of ‘added value’ is the organization that just wants an HR function to look after the administrative paperwork, or as some have described it “pay and rations,” which might not even require a qualified HR person. At the other end is the organization that wants HR to make pro active strategic contributions that make a real difference to the organization’s performance and development in a changing world. To move toward the latter, HR people need to be able to influence management decision making in a credible way, and they can do this by adopting a consultancy approach, which involves an understanding of some of the following for example;

  • your organization’s culture, values, management style, political landscape, goals and objectives
  • how your organization works; eg the drivers and priorities; its marketplace
  • the consulting process eg from researching the problem to making a winning proposal
  • consulting tools eg models of change management; project management; etc
  • consulting skills etc gathering data, influencing, communicating, report writing etc

Bob has spent over 35 years as an HR professional, including 17 as a self employed HR consultant.

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Delivery approaches include team workshops or coaching