Dismissal, Discipline, Grievances, Bullying, and Investigations

Need to dismiss someone but don’t know where to start? Got a procedure but unsure when to go down the formal route? Need help to conduct a disciplinary meeting? Need help to deal with the impact of social media?

This is probably one of the most difficult issues that managers have to deal with, and even with a procedure in place, there are still judgements to be made in order to get it right. Having to take a decision to dismiss a loyal employee who can no longer meet the standards of performance required is one that most managers would wish to avoid.

We can provide step by step procedural guidance, documentation and coaching to help managers deal with these difficult conduct and capability issues in a fair and professional way. We can also sit alongside you in disciplinary meetings or appeals.

Grievances, including bullying and harassment

Confused about whether a grievance should be handled formally or informally? No experience of dealing with a bullying issue?

It is a good idea to encourage employees to raise complaints or issues confidentially with management before they fester and become bigger to the point where productivity begins to be affected. If the issue concerns bullying, then it cannot be ignored and will need to be handled sensitively. Sometimes it is not always clear when a formal grievance has actually been raised.

We can provide step by step procedural guidance and coaching to help managers deal with grievances in a fair and professional way. We can also sit alongside you in grievance meetings or appeals as an independent advisor.

Disciplinary and Grievance Investigations

Need someone to conduct an objective, independent investigation to ensure that you make the right decision?

We can conduct an independent investigation into a disciplinary, grievance or bullying issue in order to inform management decisions within those procedures. We have been trained by ACAS to provide a professional approach, which often requires sensitive handling and the preservation of confidentiality; you can choose to have the feedback verbally or as a Report, however, the latter is advisable given the need to evidence the facts especially if the case moves to an Employment Tribunal.

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