Flexible Working

Unsure how to deal with a request for flexible working? What if someone applies to work from home after returning from maternity leave? How would my business benefit?

Employees have a number of statutory rights in this area and it is developing all the time. Equally, over 50% of organizations in the UK have embraced this flexibility as a means of developing more ‘agility;’ retaining talent; reducing costs; and raising productivity levels (CIPD Labour Market Outlook summer 2104). There have also been many surveys to suggest that demand for flexible working from employees and job applicants is increasing and becoming a negotiable term of employment.

We can assist you in the following ways;

  • provide information, advice and guidance on a range of flexible working options that meet the needs of the organization,
  • develop procedures on how to handle formal applications for changes to working days, hours or locations, including working from home.
  • develop a Homeworkers Agreement to manage performance and compliance in a way that maintains productivity and minimises risk to your organization.

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Surveys suggest that opportunities for flexible working is considered as a major benefit for attracting and maintaining staff. They also suggest that many employees would prefer to exchange a salary increase for one day of homeworking per week.