Use of IT, Data Protection & Social Media

Unsure about how to protect your business from employees’ activities in this area? Do all of your employees understand the risks in using social media, or in using their own devices for work activities?  Are you aware of your Data Protection obligations with respect to employees?

The increase in reported incidents of computer hacking, the increasing use of personal devices at work, and the consequential need for ‘cyber security’ underlines how essential it is for organizations to ensure that their data, and thereby their business, is protected by enabling their employees and others to adopt best practices while at work, including working from home or from other remote locations. Also, the use of social media such as Linked in, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc by employees as part of their work, or during break times, or in private, has significantly increased in recent years, and has brought with it legal issues that organizations have not faced before. We can work with your IT people to assist you

  • to apply the best practices outlined in the Information Commissioner’s Employment Practices Code, which covers processes for recruitment, employee records and monitoring
  • to develop a Data Protection policy that complies with requirements of the Data Protection Act and its revision
  • to raise awareness of staff and managers of the inherent risks in this field and their obligations for collecting, storing, processing, sharing and deleting personal data

If you have no policy or procedural coverage in these areas then you are already potentially at risk.

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"Bob, I would just like to express our sincere gratitude for your assistance and
guidance in helping us with our recent employment expansion.
It was completely new territory for us and having you on board drawing up all the necessary employment contracts and all the various policies that come with employing staff has been nothing short of a blessing. You made the minefield of policies easier for us to understand and we have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you."
Helen Davies, Director, Lobster Digital Marketing Ltd